Fine weather means time for good walks. Today we take you with us to discover the best itineraries to do in Todi and its surroundings: 5 routes + 1 bonus that will let you discover the artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage of our territory.
What else are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes, pump up the tyres and let's go!

Let's start by saying that a stay in Todi is not only an excellent excuse for visiting the town, but also a convenient and central base from which to reach other destinations. To discover the town, we suggest an urban walking route suitable for everyone, which starts from the medieval walls and alternates between the rich architecture of the centre of Todi and the squares and viewpoints. You can't miss some of the views, such as the Belvedere della Passeggiata, located inside the Rocca city park.

Our second proposal runs between Todi and Monte Castello di Vibio. We are talking about the Sentiero del Furioso, which owes its name to the rush of the Tiber, which is very wild in the stretch that joins the two municipalities. It is a 17 km loop with departure and arrival at Pian di San Martino.
Wineries, farms and local produce blend with the biodiversity of nature, offering you the chance to experience something you would not find elsewhere, immersing yourself in a landscape linked to medieval history, underlined by the presence of several castles.

For those who love Slow Food and tourist experiences that meet not only the territory but also its inhabitants, we recommend the Transameria. It runs along the ancient Via Amerina, which in Roman times and in the Middle Ages linked Rome to the main centres of Umbria. It is a circular circuit with departure and arrival in Todi, which can be divided into several stages since it covers about 80 km. You can choose your preferred method: on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback.
The route is set in a hilly context, encountering villages and castles along the way.

A few kilometres from Todi, and very popular with cycling enthusiasts because it allows them to experience Umbria in all its glory, is the Corbara Lake loop that begins and ends near the town of Orvieto. The route is 87 km long, so it is advisable to organise the trip over several days. It is worth doing it if only for the panorama you will enjoy: from Lake Corbara to Orvieto, passing by the Paglia and Tiber rivers, the Forello Gorge valley, the heart of the Tiber River Park, and the Castle of Prodo, built by French lords who settled in Umbria from Provence after becoming noble Orvietans.

The fifth path is an itinerary to do by bike between Todi and the Monti Martani that will take you to the heart of Umbria, combining art, culture and small villages. It is a ring of about 52 km: an up and down through the Umbrian hills.
We don't recommend it for beginners; you need to be at least slightly trained to tackle it well and enjoy the experience without excessive fatigue. The starting point is in the historic centre of Todi: from the Tempio della Consolazione, head towards Porta Orvietana. This itinerary includes part of the Wine and Oil Route.

To conclude, we would like to play a little bonus card: the Strada dei Vini del Cantico, a more complex itinerary that combines the landscape with the food and wine tradition of the Umbrian territory. In fact, the Strada del Cantico is famous for being associated with wine production, of which Todi is one of the best known. There is no single route, but among the most popular is certainly the one that begins in Todi and proceeds through the Tudertine countryside until reaching Spello as its final destination.

We hope we have piqued your curiosity a little more and given you some interesting ideas for your next adventures.
We look forward to seeing you.