Whether you are an adventurer, a lover of art and culture or the art of relaxing, there are many possibilities to experience the territory of Todi in a different way. On our site you will always find many ideas for your stay in Todi, today we recommend 5 that we think can conquer your senses.

Our land is famous for its colors, for its unspoiled nature and to produce oils and wines of excellent quality. That's why you cannot miss a picnic among our vineyards. Riding a comfortable e-bike and accompanied by an attentive local guide, you will discover the secrets behind the production of one of the most renowned wineries in the area, known for producing natural and sustainable wines. To reward you for the effort of the ride, a tasty typical Umbrian lunch will be waiting for you, and trust us, a tasting in the green has a whole different flavor!

If you prefer hiking and trekking, we can only recommend a great news of these last months, the Via del Furioso that you can do both on foot and possibly by e-bike. The path joins the city of Todi to that of Monte Castello di Vibio and owes its name to the rush of the Tiber River, in this area particularly agitated. It is not a very long and rather simple path, so it is suitable for walkers of all kinds: from the most trained to families with children.

Our third piece of advice can only be truffle hunting: in the heart of Umbria, some of the most precious specimens of black truffle are hidden. Let's face it, it's one thing to enjoy it while sitting comfortably in a restaurant, it's quite another to look for it accompanied by a friendly truffle hunter's dog on a walk through the woods. This experience is the perfect mix of nature, sport and enogastronomy, the ideal way to combine experiential tourism and tradition.

In all this we have not yet shown you how to explore our beautiful Todi in a new and different way to combine the pleasure of a city tour with outdoor activities. The evening urban trekking that we suggest winds through the streets of our historic center, going up and down between districts and squares to discover one of the most characteristic medieval villages of Umbria. Accomplice the warm light of the summer sunsets, you will have the possibility to live an experience in the city really suggestive.

To conclude our short trip we want to leave you a memory that you can hardly forget. Unique in its kind, ideal for a romantic moment or if you feel like treating yourself to a personal pampering. The dinner on the tree will make you return to childhood without sacrificing the comfort and elegance of a quality farmhouse. At a height of five meters, in front of the skyline of Todi, you can taste 0 km products and enjoy a fascinating setting overlooking the hills of Todi.

These are just some of the proposals that our city has to offer to make your vacation not only a moment of leisure and relaxation, but a new opportunity to experience yourself and the territory.