Summer, the season of the sun, of queues and races to the beach... Wait, wait, rewind the tape and start from scratch: the ideal solution is right where you don't expect it, and that's why Todi is right for you.

You've always liked to plan your vacations and this year, among the thousands of projects, you hope to spend a few days in complete freedom, away from the crowds of tourists, without having to give up comfort and relaxation. That's why you choose Todi, maybe a little by chance: they speak well of it, you don't know it yet and there is a connection in flixbus directly from your city.

Put the car to rest, so much so that everything is within walking distance, and at most you know that you can always take advantage of the bicycle for a sportier visit between alleys and squares that hold a piece of Italian history.

Your backpack is ready, your camera is loaded and you're excited.

Write in the logbook the itinerary of the first day: departure in Piazza del Popolo, overlooked by the imposing historical buildings of the nobility of Todi and the Cathedral of the Annunziata. An obligatory stop at the Oberdan Gardens to enjoy a glimpse of the surrounding countryside, perhaps accompanied by a fresh ice cream in the shade of the large trees.
A walk in the Beverly Pepper Park halfway between urban architecture and nature, alternatively you may have a look at the path that explores the undergrounds. Dinner on the fly with a slice of torta al testo and a glass of fresh grechetto. The evening is waiting for you and the program of events in Todi is full of news: concerts, street artists, festivals and even outdoor cinema, a bit of everything for every need.

The second day you want to dedicate it to the open air, and the opportunities certainly do not lack. Among the various options choose the Trekking dell'Olio to spend half a day among olive groves and oil mills surrounded by the varied nature of the Mediterranean. In addition, your sweet tooth can not give up a tasting directly on site.
On your return from the trip, you still have time to indulge in a quick visit to the Lapidary Museum and let yourself be fascinated by the poster of one of the many exhibitions hosted by the city.

On the third and last day you opt for the Tiber Fluvial Park: you choose to go to the Forello Canyons where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the river flowing in the valley below. The view from the top really takes your breath away: the lush green of the surrounding hills makes the water sparkling.
On the way back, even if you feel tired, you can treat yourself to one last little treat: an aperispritz on your e-bike, combining sport and city.

With your drink in hand and your forehead illuminated by a warm summer sunset, you greet Todi and prepare to return home.