A land of excellent products, Todi is famous for the many possibilities it offers its visitors: unspoilt landscapes, architecture with an ancient history, simple and tasty traditional dishes. Today we recommend 5 experiences to discover our region through new oil.

Let's start by taking you by the throat with Torta al testo & olio nuovo in e-bike, the perfect combination for lovers of walking and food and wine. A route immersed in the green of the Martani Mountains, among villages and panoramas. And to repay the effort of pedalling, what could be better than a fragrant slice of torta al testo with a small tasting of new oil? Try it and you will not be disappointed.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an immersive experience in contact with nature, we can only recommend Trekking through woods and olives, in the company of our local experts who will guide you to discover the surroundings of Todi. Autumn colours and Umbrian countryside will be the perfect setting for a relaxing day. Don't miss a visit to one of our best olive mills with a guided olive oil tasting. Just think, there will even be a sommelier there for you.

For those who long for the genuine flavour of childhood snacks based on bread and oil, we can only recommend our proposal of the same name. Pane e Olio will bring you into close contact with the excellence of the area, meeting directly with those who make its production possible. An excursion to one of the most beautiful oil mills in the area.

Oil is at home throughout the region, but depending on the area it takes on very different shades of colour and flavour. With the Monti Martani Bike & Oil we will introduce you to the special features of the Monti Martani. Places of silence, vineyards and oil mills create an evocative atmosphere to be experienced while cycling in peace and quiet.

How better to conclude our overview than by recommending a tasty Apericena in Frantoio? A stroll among Mediterranean views, traditional chopping boards, glasses of excellent wine and a rustic and authentic atmosphere will give that extra touch of magic to your evening.

Discover the green gold in Todi by cycling, walking and experiencing the territory. That's why you can't miss our fantastic experiences among nature, sport and of course...oil. We look forward to seeing you!