Dreams are like stars, just look up and are always there. Jim Morrison

Todi is a truly dreamy place, full of famous personalities in history and in the present, full of exclusive charm, strong offers of food and wine that place it in the excellences, portrait of sublime beauty for atmosphere and daily details, a place where landscapes, colors and emotions are reflected in its tradition and in its present reality.
A precious historical and artistic heritage contributes to make Todi an enlarged museum: the Renaissance Consolation Church at the Temple of San Fortunato, from the Romanesque Cathedral to its Public Buildings. Everything makes Todi a dream made of art, today also a place of important exhibitions of contemporary art.
Piazza del Popolo Todi has some characteristics that make its historic center and the surrounding countryside an ideal place to live. In times not pandemic, popular festivals, cultural events and food and wine are multiplied throughout the year enlivening the city center and villages of the countryside with the Todi Festival and the gathering of hot air balloons that take flight from here.
The dream mood that you breathe here is always in the name of well-being, charm, a healthy lifestyle that combines the past of traditions with the future of experimentation and technology.
In a natural environment among the most intact in the region, rich in archaeological, prehistoric and historical traces, Todi and the surrounding area offer the opportunity to reveal, in all seasons, a Umbria still hidden.
The region offers a cuisine of simple dishes, made of genuine products of the land, linked to the periodicity of agricultural production with a touch of particularity that puts them to excellence.

How to turn this dream into reality? Simple, planning a visit to Todi.

And, to make a perfect synthesis of this real dream that is Todi, Corrado Augias said:
I love Todi. How to blame him?