Three TV programs about Todi, with Alberto Angela, Licia Colò e Marco Mazzocchi

In the television programmes of 2021 and, in particular in January 2022, some cultural shows have been programmed that have described Italian places and atmospheres of particular beauty. Three shows have seen Todi as the protagonist of the episodes. It is "The Wonders. The peninsula of treasures" by Alberto Angela, "Eden. A planet to save" by Licia Colò, with a more ecological and naturalistic cut, and "Stop and Go" by Marco Mazzocchi and Sofia Bruscoli.

"The Wonders. The Peninsula of Treasures" by Alberto Angela
From the Historical Palaces to the Duomo della Santissima Annunziata, Alberto Angela led us to discover the perfect harmony of Piazza del Popolo, one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Italy.
He illustrated the Temple of Consolation which for its architectural perfection is considered an absolute masterpiece of the Renaissance. The history of Todi has been told through the Etruscan architecture, the historic buildings, the contemporary sculptures of the Park of Beverly Pepper and the art of the Via degli Artisti. Alberto Angela chose Todi as a symbol of the beauty of our country, offering viewers a meaningful insight into the history of our city.

"Eden. A planet to save" by Licia Colò
The presenter accompanied the viewers on a journey inside Todi, with references to Jacopone da Todi, the medieval cisterns, the Temple of Consolation and of course the square, without neglecting the surrounding area, recognized as deserving of "green flag".

"Stop and Go" by Marco Mazzocchi and Sofia Bruscoli
Exploring Todi aboard a vintage sidecar to discover the ancient tradition of archery, castles, food and wine products of our land, the panoramic views of the Tiber Valley and the natural beauty of the Furioso Path. And yet a tour to discover the historic center of Todi, with particular attention to sustainability and the beauty of the landscape.

The Auditel data of the three TV programs that featured Todi in the month of January had about 4 Million viewers overall who saw and admired Todi.
In detail:
• Saturday January 8th on LA7: "Eden-A planet to save" with Licia Coló
had 471,000 spectators
• Saturday, January 15th on RAI2: "Stop and Go" conducted by Marco Mazzocchi and Sofia Bruscoli had 384,000 spectators
• Tuesday January 18h on RAI1: "Wonders-The Peninsula of Treasures" with Alberto Angela
had 2,943,000 spectators

A remarkable visibility for Todi, a confirmation of its beauty and uniqueness.