It is time for sun, time to rediscover its warm rays, time for spring.

The ideal time to discover the sweetest and most energetic scents. This season is considered the period when nature awakens from winter’s sleep to meet the summer’s heat, the perfect time to wake up. For Chinese medicine, after winter’s calm and rest, comes spring in which not only sprouts are born and plants bloom but also people feel a new energy. The smell in this season is a great filter to feel more and feel that everything around you.

Flowers have an energetic field that vibrates, affects and is in turn influenced by other elements. Flowers and perfumes work on the outermost part of your body and in particular on the upper part, on several levels: physical, energetic and psychic. Flowers have a great positive outcome on your soul, as they represent beauty and regeneration: the death of the flower is only the first step towards the birth of the fruit and the seed, that is, new life. The flower knows how to surrender to fate with elegance: in China it is said that a flower that falls has no regrets. Take care of yourself by opening your heart to the new and beauty!

And, speaking of beauty, how not to think about our Todi, so immersed in nature, legend and traditions. Like the Todi Fiorita event that returns in 2022 from May 20 to 22: the city will assume the usual appearance of a fragrant flower garden.
The extraordinariness of the event is worth a in depth visit: incredible chromaticism of flowers, decorative and climbing plants, aromatic and officinal herbs, flowers with names inspired by the secret books of the Fellowship of the Ring (Asterisks, Mecardonie, Aristolochie...) or the saga of Harry Potter (Plectranthus, Thunbergia, Dianthus perman), original and refined roses, bulbs, fatplants, essential oils, perfumes even for the most refined noses.

Todi is the synthesis of balances between the sweetness of the countryside, punctuated by the green hills, and the city, center of productive and economic services. In the surroundings you will find places of pure beauty that are a unique background for those who want to spend a holiday in Umbria dedicated to feeling. The discovery of such fragrant vegetation is a memorable adventure. In a context among the most intact of the region, Todi and the places around give you the opportunity to discover, in every period, an infinity of colors, scents, flowers, plants and unique natural experiences.
What a great opportunity you have to discover the perfume season in the heart of the green heart of Umbria!