For those who are passionate about music, or even listen to it just for pleasure, Umbria and Todi, that is in the heart offer wonderful opportunities each year

“A volte le parole non bastano.
E allora servono i colori.
E le forme.
E le note.
E le emozioni”.
Alessandro Baricco

Besides the sounds of nature, silence and peace that reigns there, music also belongs to these places, with historical traditions such as the Festival of Sacred Music and with more pop and international events such as the Festival of Music, perfect for who loves every music.

Associate the deep religious meaning to the value of music: this is the intent of the Sacred Music Festival of Todi, which in 2022 will see its 7th edition. The Festival is part of the re-enactment of 8 September for the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin, one of the most felt by the tuderte community. The enchanting setting of the event is as always the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, with an important calendar of concerts. The festival, organized by the Charity Association, offers a high-level repertoire including historical-musical excursus, concerts and a deep seminar dedicated to religious music. Lights and shadows, sounds and silences as metaphors of the heart, in which the theme of the perceptions of music is deepened.

Todi hosts every year, on June 21, during the summer solstice, the Music Festival to celebrate the beginning of summer welcoming musicians of all kinds, professionals and not, on the truest stage there may be: the streets, courtyards, alleys, squares, hospitals, museums, prisons. The principle is that of a public holiday open to all, an opportunity to enhance the social and culture. The absence of any choice of musical genres expresses the concept of a balanced multicultural society.
The program of the Festival of Music includes the presence of umbrian artists and not only in a real performance where folk and Rom music chases jazz, swing, flamenco and band music. The corners, squares, courtyards of Todi are transformed into natural frames for citizens and visitors. A riot of melodies from one area to another of the city, where each finds its essence and uniqueness by virtue of the universal language of music.

In Todi there is also a real Music School. The Municipal School of Music and the Polyphonic Choir are the fulcrum around which in Todi revolves the musical activity not only classical, but also pop, rock and jazz.

Famous examples in the world of music, both linked to the city of Todi, are two unique artists who have virtuously crossed their destinies. Morgan Icardi, the youngest conductor in Italy, was trained in the Course of conducting in Todi. He dedicated a concert to the memory of his great friend Ezio Bosso, who died in 2020, italian composer, pianist and conductor. Maestro Bosso held one of his last concerts in Todi on the occasion of the Iubel Festival 2019 in the Temple of San Fortunato where the tomb of Jacopone da Todi is located, a spectacular edition of Gioacchino Rossini's Stabat Mater.