Simple and tasty dishes, embellished with fine wines and a high quality oil

Places of important rural history, Umbria has handed down over time a unique and appetizing cuisine, made of simple products of the earth, connected to the periodicity of agricultural production with a touch of originality that differentiates them from the products of the surrounding areas.
All enriched by great wines and the green gold of Umbria, Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP.
In and around Todi it is still conceivable to consume those wild products hardly found elsewhere, asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, field herbs. The bakeries of the place sell the classic "sciapo" bread, without salt, the tasty bocconcello, and even simple desserts such as wine biscuits, various with milk, oil, or anise torcoli, tozzetti to taste strictly with vin santo.

Some typical dishes to try absolutely:
Pasticcio di Jacopone
100% tuderte recipe, Pasticcio di Jacopone is a giant ravioli sliced and served with tomato sauce. It is inspired by the poet symbol of the city and is one of the highlights of Todi.
Strangozzi are linked to an ancient tradition that crosses the whole of Umbria. The name comes from the dense and elongated shape, reminiscent of leather strings used as laces.
Maccheroni dolci
They are one of the typical dishes in autumn/ winter, eaten on holidays. Once it was prepared as a unique dish on Christmas Eve or all Saints Eve, today tasted as a dessert.
Torta al Testo
It is a true Umbrian street food: a low bread, halfway between a piadina and a focaccia, kneaded by hand, not leavened. Cooked on a testo is served both hot and cold and stuffed to taste.
Ciaramicola di Pasqua
Tradition has it that cakes were given by girlfriends to lovers at Easter. It is inspired by the colors of Perugia, white and red. The name comes from Ciara (clear), as the icing cover.

The shape of the Tuderte land and its surroundings, the altitude, the exposure to the sun and the sweet climate facilitate the ripening of the grapes, which can provide a higher production in these areas. To deepen the wine offer of the area, an opportunity is provided by the four Wine Roads, food and wine tours that also include the pleasure of meeting historical and artistic beauties.