The name May comes from the Latin maius that has origin, according to Ovid, from majores: "the elderly adults" to whom the Romans dedicated this month.

May, the fifth month of the year, has always been considered the month of rebirth, of every spiritual renewal, and of love. May is also the month of the wedding ritual that has always been linked to the desire and therefore to the wish for fertility, prosperity and abundance. And we know that Todi is a fabulous location for a wedding in Palazzo del Popolo, in the Duomo or in one of the beautiful churches immersed in nature that surrounds the village.

May is par excellence the month of the rose, a flower that works on energy and is able to rebalance mind and body. This flower has always been associated with the female world and we can indicate two icon figures, the goddess Venus and, in the Christian context, the Virgin Mary.  In this month we live days in which freshness, hope, joy and trust should stimulate us to turn our hearts on, after months and months held hostage inside our home, because of the cold and also because of the measures imposed by the Covid emergency, committing ourselves to a well-being that only nature in its cycles, in its seasons, in its fruits can give us.
Let’s see how the town of Todi usually celebrates the month of May.
In Todi this month you can breathe the magic of the pure Middle Ages with La Città degli Arcieri, a unique event that will allow you to make a unique journey through time. On the weekend of 7 and 8 May 2022 Todi comes alive thanks to the XII Arcus Tuder Tournament. Piazza del Popolo is filled with archers who will make the city alive, between medieval sensations and national competitions that will see the participation of numerous companies of archers in medieval clothes.
Also in May, Todi Fiorita takes place on the spring weekend from 20 to 22 May 2022. The enthusiasm is already at its best for this edition in which Todi will take the usual form of a fragrant Eden. During the three days of the event, the historic center of Todi will be enhanced by the evocative floral arrangements that will fill every corner of Todi with scents and colors, making the city a charming flower garden.