In July, the great Italian cinema met in Todi for the second edition of the Umbria Cinema Festival.

In this long hot summer these three evening events full of events, important guests and special screenings have distinguished themselves that have led to Todi national and international stars.
Paolo Genovese is the creator and president of the Umbria Film Commission. Always a lover of this territory, thanks to this Festival wants to support the film culture in Umbria, preferred by many as a set of high-level productions.
On the stage of Piazza del Popolo the Umbria Cinema Festival 2022 was all a magical alternation of artists ranging from the great Mogol and Alessandro Preziosi, the irrepressible Roman comedy of Maurizio Battista to get to the great humor of Giorgio Panariello who received the City of Todi Prize from the mayor Antonino Ruggiano.

Three nights sold out. Some of the most interesting Italian films of this year screened at the Cinema Nido dell'Aquila and actors, directors, producers and screenwriters awarded during the evenings.
The documentary "La voglia matta di vivere", a memory written and directed by Ricky Tognazzi, accompanied by Simona Izzo, on the occasion of the hundred years since the birth of his father Ugo, and the presentation of the "Gigi Proietti" Award to the protagonist of Italian cinema Giovanna Ralli.

This is a further recognition to Giovanna Ralli, after 70 years of career.
In these seven decades she has been directed by almost all the greatest directors of Italian cinema: Monicelli, Scola, Rossellini, De Sica and has also acted alongside actors such as Gassman, Fabrizi, Totò, Manfredi, Sordi, Tognazzi, Mastroianni.
Specially in Todi, Giovanna Ralli also talks about the film festival. “These are important moments for us actors, they make cinema live. Here in Todi then everything is beautiful and organized very well. Moreover, I know Umbria well and here I always come back. I had already worked in Todi for a fiction with Lino Banfi ‘Angelo and the custodian' and in the city we shot some scenes”.