The Long Hot Summer is the famous film with Paul Newman and Orson Welles. It is also the description of the summer of Todi with its spectacular events recurring every year.

The Long Hot Summer: is the title of the famous film by Martin Ritt with Paul Newman and Orson Welles. But it is also the description of the hot summer of Todi, and dotted with many events that make it alive more than ever and that return every year.

At the end of July the first concert of the Umbria Music Festival starring Irama, back from the recent success of Sanremo. For him 3,000 people gathered in a crowded Piazza del Popolo. Great crowd also the following night for the concert of Coez, the second appointment of the Festival. Third and last evening with the concert of Il Tre, idol of the young: in more than a thousand to applaud him despite the rain.

In the middle of the summer the appointment with one of the most unique and spectacular events ever, the Italian International Balloon Grand Prix took place. For ten days colorful balloons from all over the world took off, coloring the skies and flying over the landscape of Todi: an unforgettable spectacle enjoyed from below, but above all lived from above. There were three unmissable locations: Acquarossa Park, Ponte Naia and Pantalla, places from which hot air balloons started every morning at 6.00 depending on the direction of the wind.

Not even the time to lessen the energy of the concerts that the square of Todi immediately resumed to light up a new entertainment initiative: Waiting for the Notte Bianca with many themed appointments. In the previous three days the villages of Collevalenza, Izzalini and Pantalla were the protagonists. The traditional Notte Bianca took place in Todi with the Ludobus, the Dj Set shows, the music of the Memory Box and many other family-friendly activities. A crowded Piazza del Popolo hosted the Live Set of the 88 Folli Band, a group born to propose music by Italian authors and songwriters. To join the songs of the Italian tradition has joined the Dj Set organized by Insomnia Events, the protagonist of the lively tuderti nights, to dance and have fun to the rhythm of the summer hits.

It’s time to take stock also for the Todi Festival that ended its 36th edition with the soldout of Patty Pravo and her applauding Menace blonde Tour, led by an impeccable Pino Strabioli. The city has been animated by many high-level cultural initiatives, with great attention from regional and national media that have consolidated the image of the city and the promotion of its tourist identity, with a positive effect in terms of visitors. Todi Festival has maintained this year the usual format divided into 9 days of events in 20 places in the city, with over 130 artists involved. Numerous sold out shows including those scheduled at the Teatro Comunale and the Teatro Nido dell'Aquila, home of the Todi Off. The Festival has also conquered the people of the web.

I like life, I like it so much that I could live forever. This is the phrase spoken by Orson Welles in the film quoted at the beginning. We could say it even during the summer of Todi?!