"Sorella Acqua" is the original creation of Fabrizio Plessi, on display in Todi during the Festival of Arts 2022. For Vanity Fair is the most important exhibition in September in Italy.

The environment, ecology and the exploitation of resources are the most frequent topics of interest in 2022. These include water, the lack of which has kept us in suspense throughout the summer, with the dramatic melting of the glaciers and the dry Po River. Water is the inspiration for some exhibitions that have received great attention.

The important magazine Vanity Fair has declared that the most interesting exhibition in September takes place in Todi, where the Festival of Arts takes place.
Here Fabrizio Plessi, pioneer of video art, has created a monumental work, a kind of digital fountain, called "Sorella Acqua" that will remain until the end of the month in Piazza del Popolo, an electronic sculpture on which flowing digital water in continuous ascent and fall, of extraordinary effect. During the day, however, the sculpture will remain off representing a mysterious element whose energy will manifest itself every evening. The work is also in continuity with the verticality of Todi, from the columns of Beverly Pepper to the works of Arnaldo Pomodoro, protagonists of the last Festival of Arts.

Fabrizio Plessi was interviewed several times and reiterated the peculiarity that in Todi there was a technological tower able to live perfectly with the historicity and tradition of the environment.

At the Roman Cisterns, another magical place of the Umbrian town, you can see, among the various ancient finds, also four other video-sculptures by Fabrizio Plessi always on the theme of water.