Autumn is the season that offers the most soft light to visit Todi and its surroundings.

Todi loves autumn so much that it teaches us how to let go of things that are no longer needed.
It is the time of the harvest, of the warm lights and of the walks among the nuances of the foliage.
It is the season defined as the most melancholic of the year, between days that shorten and leaves that fall. But also the season that envelops things with the most intimate and hospitable light.

Autumn is probably the best season to visit Umbria. Not only the temperature is the right one to move throughout the day, but there is also a particularly beautiful light, the colors of nature are enchanting, the sunsets are romantic and very long and all this gives way, among other things, to take particular and suggestive photographs.

Todi is the perfect starting point to explore Umbria, a suitable place to blend with the colors and lights of autumn. In this season the green heart of Umbria becomes yellow heart and red heart in a riot of delicate emotions. A sweet and silent landscape, a welcoming light that only those who are attentive to beauty and detail can catch.

Todi often enjoys a prolonged tourist wave for the mild climate even in autumn, thanks to the favorable weather that in recent years has lasted in September and sometimes in October.
The truest Umbrian autumn in the past was told in the three days of Autumn in Todi: the historic center of Todi, with its good living room of Piazza del Popolo, is populated by events, culinary delicacies, autumn products and dishes of the territory.

If we leave spring to the wonders of Assisi, summer to Spoleto and Perugia with their festivals and reserve a weekend to the lights of autumn in Todi and the discovery of one of the major protagonists of this land: the truffle. Yes, because it is really a multisensory experience to dedicate an autumn weekend to truffles.

Autumn is then the season dedicated to two of the most famous and sought after products of the area: wine and oil. In autumn, especially in the countryside, the fireplace comes back on with its welcoming light and this is the period of preserves, in particular that of tomato, the preparation is a real ritual a bit like the grape harvest and the olive harvest.

That’s right, in Todi you can slowly enjoy the beauty of light and colors of autumn.
One would say to every tree, to every leaf, to every golden, yellow, red, brown light:
"One more moment, Mr Winter".
(Fabrizio Caramagna)