End of October, time for folklore and new wine. Today we take you with us to Todi and its surroundings for an alternative Halloween, amidst legends, a handful of sweets and a few curiosities you may not know about the famous Grechetto!

We begin our Grand Tour in Piazza del Popolo, the beating heart of the old town, with the noble palaces facing each other creating an evocative setting that tells centuries of history. The Cathedral, dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata and built between the 12th and 14th centuries, dominates the square. Approach the exterior walls, especially the side facades, and go in search of the small decorations that make it unique and somewhat shrouded in mystery: monstrous creatures, masks and mysterious animals will guide your exploration.

On your way down to the Tempio della Consolazione, you will come across another Todi 'secret'. In the sacristy of the church has long been kept what is known as the "Dragon's Rib", a gigantic and very old bone, dating back to the years 1457 - 1458, which is thought to have belonged to the fierce dragon of Forello. For years threatened by the inhabitants of the valley, the faithful are said to have brought the bone to Santa Maria della Consolazione to offer it to her and thank her for her protection in the battle against the monster.

Not far away, near the Convent of Montesanto, stop for a moment to rest under the large linden tree. At almost six hundred years old, it's one of the oldest trees in Umbria, possibly planted by friar Bernardino of Siena on the occasion of the Pope's visit. From the beginning, Bernardino was a very harsh man towards women whom he accused of being witches in the service of the devil. He played a prominent role in the trial of Matteuccia di Francesco da Ripabianca, one of the first victims of the stake.

If you feel peckish, don't worry...we have the solution for you!

In Todi, even the cuisine contributes to creating an atmosphere that you will hardly forget: from the typically autumnal aromas such as truffles, pumpkin and new oil, to the traditional sweets, which preserve not only an unmistakable flavour but also stories and legends.

Fave dei morti or Rocciata umbra, this is the dilemma, what makes them so special? The simplicity of the ingredients and the speed of preparation. The Fave dei Morti will win you over at first with their crunchiness and then envelop you in their almondy scent. If, on the other hand, you prefer to try your hand at an Umbrian version of strudel, we suggest you try Rocciata, a tasty little rolled pastry cake that originated in Lombard times.

The last stop on our tour between Halloween and All Saints' Day is a fine glass of Grechetto, the Todi wine par excellence with its velvety flavour and bitter aftertaste. The peculiarity of Grechetto, which ties it in very well with this time of year, is that it matures for about five months starting on 1 November of the year of harvest.

After searching the town for traces of tradition and folklore, we can only invite you to visit us so that you can discover Todi in a completely different light.