Todi is a small town, but with a great culinary tradition. Discover three dishes you should not miss.

One of the best parts of a trip is certainly to discover the goodness and typical dishes of the area. Food, by the way, is a profound expression of the history of a people and its culture.

Umbria is a land of millenary flavors, which boasts a cuisine with simple and popular ingredients that come directly from the heart of the region. The roughness of tastes, which tend to wild and seasonal ones, is combined with a secular research that makes Umbrian products of high quality.

Todi therefore ranks among the small towns of excellence for its extreme attention to the products of its territory. Wine, oil, truffle and many other precious local ingredients cheer the tables of both restaurants and taverns. The fil rouge of quality and love for the product connects Todi to its dishes, making them even more tasty.

If your trip takes you to this beautiful town you absolutely cannot miss these three specialties:

La torta al testo - This kind of unleavened bread, with a round shape made of water and flour, is famous throughout Umbria and is the main dish of many festivals thanks to its simplicity and versatility. The torta al testo is pure Umbrian street food and you can enjoy it in many different combinations; the filling, in fact, can vary from cured meats to seasonal game - such as wild boar - to cheeses and vegetables: for this reason it is suitable for all palates. If you're in a rush, you can catch it and savour it in the streets of the centre, filling your eyes and palate with marvel.

Il pasticcio di Jacopone - The dish takes its name from Jacopone da Todi, a symbol of the city, and is a gem of Tuderte's culinary tradition. Its appearance is almost unmistakable and appetizing from the first look: it is a roll of puff pastry filled with pork and veal, vegetables and ricotta cheese. The pastry is served in slices, seasoned with tomato sauce, and is ideal for filling the most trained stomachs. The secret ingredient for a perfect meal? Accompany the pie with a glass of grechetto.

Sweet macaroni – To round off, in a sweet way, we recommend an atypical main course that has millennia of tradition behind it, going back to the times of Etruscan civilization. It is, in fact, the sweet macaroni. Although the dish is characteristic of the period of the Saints, it is not uncommon to find it during the rest of the year. What makes this pasta special is the seasoning, an explosion of flavors with delicate and enveloping notes; breadcrumbs, nuts, hazelnuts, chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, honey, are just some of the ingredients that make up this delight. In Todi, a glass of rum and a glass of alchermes are often used, which make the mixture even more special and inviting.

The culinary tradition of Todi and Umbria is very rich and able to conquer even the most refined palates. The rustic but enveloping tastes convey the values of a land that makes sharing and hospitality its princes.