24 hours to fall in love with Todi, a town with a thousand faces among art in all aspects, culture, nature and landscapes.

Todi was built on the top of a luxurious hill overlooking the middle Valley of Tevere located in the heart of Umbria a few kilometers from Perugia and Orvieto.
In perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside, the town has been able to preserve its Etruscan and Roman origins, offering a unique artistic and cultural heritage, capable of attracting anyone wishing to discover the beauty of central Italy.

If you have only one day to visit the city, you can easily admire its attractions by walking through its historical centre limited by its walls.
Crossing the ancient city doors rich of history and walking through the narrow streets of the town that have hosted famous people of the Italian literary scene, you arrive at Piazza del Popolo, considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.

The square is overlooked by the main buildings of the city including Palazzo dei Priori, with its quadrangular tower and the Palazzi del Popolo and Capitano, currently the seat of the municipality of Todi.
In addition to admiring the architectural beauty of the "Voltoni" on the ground floor of the Palazzi Comunali, we would like also to mention the presence of the Iat, Tourist Assistance and Information Office.

Solemn, from the top of its staircase, the Cathedral named Maria SS. Annunziata dominates the square with its imposing facade on which you can appreciate the refined embroidery of the sixteenth-century rose window.

A few steps from the Cathedral there is San Fortunato, one of the most fascinating churches dedicated to the patron saint of the city. The church, with its characteristic facade, preserves in the crypt the tomb of the friar and poet Jacopone da Todi. Also, for those who do not suffer from vertigo, it is possible to enjoy the city at 360° from the fifteenth century bell tower of the building.
A must-see on our itinerary is the Belvedere in via Oberdan which, with its gardens, offers the perfect panoramic view of Todi and the lush countryside from which to take a splendid souvenir photo.

If you continue, youyou get to Berverly Pepper Park. You can walk in the park of the Roccathe green heart of Todi, situated on the highest point of the city in the historical centre, where you can walk among the rich vegetation and admire the 16 contemporary art sculptures by the American artist Beverly Pepper that dominate the park. In addition to the sculptures we find the
"lunette", benches-sculpture made of pietra serena by the artist.
A gift that Beverly Pepper wanted to make to the city and to all those who find themselves walking in this idyllic setting.

Outside the city walls stands the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, a symbolic building of Renaissance architecture. The project, which some attribute to Bramante, has led to the completion of a temple with harmonic forms about 70 meters high, with a lantern that stands on the central dome.
The Greek cross plan characterized by five domes, one central, and one for each apse of the temple plan, offers a beautiful game of volumes

Todi is the city of ancient architecture and experimentation of contemporary art, is the place of history and nature, is the place of great beauty declined in its thousand forms.