Todi is officially a “Città del Vino”!

Discover Todi one sip at a time. Fall in love with the Todi DOC and enjoy a unique experience between wineries and vineyards. Todi, Città del Vino, is waiting for you!

In Todi, wine has always meant passion, history and tradition.

The tuderte area, which is characterized bye gentle sunny slopes cooled bye the breeze of the Tiber, has become one of the main centres of umbrian wine production, combining refinement and history.  

Grechetto, for exemple, is one of the leading types of the territory. Is a white wine with fruity notes and has been produced since ancient times, as testified by the words of Pliny the Elder in the Naturalis Historia. The author describes the taste of a precise wine as “Peculiaris est tudernis”, which means “it is typical of Todi”. Therefore this flavour exists in the tuderte tradition since the first century A.D.

The millenary tradition has led the producers of Todi to an in-depth knowledge of the fruits of the territory, succeeding in creating a variegated offer of products.  

In fact, for those who prefer red it is possible to find Sangiovese, Merlot and Todi Rosso.

The study of the different wine-berries and the commitment of the wineries of Todi and the surrounding area allowed the acquisition of the prestigious Todi DOC denomination in 2010, which includes the wines mentioned and, last but not least, the Todi Bianco.

In 2020 Todi managed to achieve the precious place in the Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino, an italian institution that has existed for over 40 years and brings together all the main Italian centres known for the production of wine and high quality food and wine products.

Wine tourists should not miss the opportunity to taste fine wines and typical local products, combining the pleasure of taste new flavours while discovering a magnificent landscape and a natural environment that need to be preserved.

What could be more authentic and unique than sipping a glass of Grechetto while the sun sets behind the rows of vines on the slopes of Todi?

The Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino collaborates every year with the Umbrian consortium Strada dei Vini del Cantico, whose aim is to affirm the historical, cultural, environmental, economic and social identity of the participating municipalities. Todi is a proud institutional member of this association.

Being a Città del Vino means focusing on wine tourism, an exemple of animation and discovery of the territory through the typical Umbrian products with a careful eye on eco-sustainability.  

Wine proves once again to be a red - or white - thread capable of creating fundamental relationship between people and the territory.