"Civilization is not measured in cubes or square meters" and not even in armchairs! For this reason the Teatro della Concordia, with its 99 seats, is the smallest Italian theater in the world.

 This small jewel is located in Monte Castello di Vibio, an Italian town in the province of Perugia, one step from Todi.

 The name of the country comes from the gens Vibia, noble Roman family, that here had consistent properties. In position of dominion on the Tiber valley, it presents the urbanistic structure of the typical medieval castle. Its strategic position has facilitated the territorial aims of the nearby strong city of Todi, which ruled the village for a long time, and after the numerous insurrections it had to suffer the demolition of the walls.

 The theater was inaugurated in 1808: designed in full post-French Revolution atmosphere and dedicated to that harmony between the peoples that was being recreated in Europe in the early nineteenth century, was built on the initiative of some important families of the country to create a place of entertainment and sharing in Monte Castello.

Although its title of the smallest in the world is not official, this tiny theater with 99 seats divided between the stages and the audience is a true work of art and is the detailed miniature of a standard Italian theater with a “bell-shaped” plan, just in Italian style.

From the proscenium, to the dressing rooms, to the atrium, everything is reproduced in small dimensions, keeping the attention to acoustics.

The characteristic decorations inside were made by the painter Luigi Agretti from La Spezia.

 After the renovation, concluded in 1993, the "Società del Teatro della Concordia" was created, which manages all the activities of the theater. Since then, more than 150,000 people have visited the theater, which has won the certificate of excellence from one of the largest tourist portals on the network: Tripadvisor.

 The Teatro della Concordia, even if small, has an even more minute version of itself: in 2002, in fact, it became a postage stamp as "an asset of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage" with the greetings of the President of the Republic.  A second cancellation was made in 2008, on the occasion of the bicentenary.

 Today it is possible not only to attend prose, operetta, classical music and jazz concerts, but also to get married and to organize meetings, conventions and personalized events!

If you want to organize a wedding for a few in an all-Italian art treasure chest, this place is for you.

 For more information visit: www.teatrodellaconcordia.it