The entrepreneurial activities in and around Todi are closely combined with the identity, values and traditions of this area. Innovation and expertise together with passion and love for their origins: a winning relationship!

Fuel and love for the earth
Leonardo Baccarelli’s family company has been operating in the fuel sector since 1949.
In addition to the family business, Leonardo has created with his sons Roccafiore, a farm that was born from his love for the countryside and for Todi in particular. His son Luca also runs a restaurant in Perugia.
The personal and entrepreneurial life of the Baccarelli family has always been at the heart of the countryside and the city of Todi.

Food for pets
Agromarket, a company founded by Giorgio Scassini since 1978, deals with pet food. It is located in the industrial area of Ponterio, near the hill of Todi.
‘I love Todi, I love its medieval history but also the peasant tradition of this city. His story, my story and my family’s one are inside everything I do' to speak is Scassini, whose added value is the passion that puts in his activities, passion that he shares with his family.

Architectural design and interior design
Besides their professional interests, Marsilio and Alessandro Comodini share a passion for collecting artworks. Their architectural design and interior design activities have been documented by numerous high-profile italian and foreign magazines.
Recently they have turned to the environmental sector and alternative energies, maintaining interest also for the agricultural sector linked to their Tuderte territory.

High technology
In the industrial zone of Ponterio in Todi there is a small dependance of the Silicon Valley.
Antonio Zaffarami in 1988 created the Eles as an application of his passion for electronics, computer science and hobbies.
The company, which he leads with his sons Francesca and Alessandro, was recently listed on the stock exchange.
The headquarters has always remained in Todi, where it all began.

Electronics for the space
CBL Electronics was founded in 2002 and comes from the professional meeting of Andrea Cannavicci, Massimiliano Bellucci and Fabrizio Lazzari. Today it deals with the avionics and aerospace sectors, with about 90 employees, with an office in Todi able to offer employees an excellent quality of live.
Bellucci says that his corporate presentations always start with the same two slides: one with the photo of Todi from Nido dell’Aquila and the other with the image of the Tempio della Consolazione, to highlight the strong synergy with the territory.

In Todi operates one of the first companies in Italy in the field of cereals trade.
It is the Spazzoni spa, founded in 1925 by Vittorio Spazzoni.
The management is still concentrated in the family’s hands of his nephew Vittorio.
Corn, durum wheat, common wheat, barley, sunflower and soya, for a handling of over 3 million quintals per year.

Luigi Granieri is the pioneer of the industrialization of the territory and socio-economic transformation starting from the rural vocation of the Tuderte area.
He is a self-made man who saw in the economic boom an opportunity for local building development. His Elcom System, born 55 years ago, is now run by his three sons Simonetta, Giammario and Amanzio.