The atmosphere of ancient traditions and history that you breathe in Todi allows to preserve forms of craftsmanship of the highest quality.


The artistic realizations were based on two parallel tracks: on one hand the popular handicrafts, linked to the production of objects of daily life or necessary for the work in the countryside, on the other hand the cultured handicrafts of the inlay and of the decoration of interiors.
The tradition of cabinetmakers

For the dense amount of woods with precious wood trees, such as ash, cherry, oak and walnut, the area of Todi has developed and preserved over the centuries a strong mastery in the processing of this material and gave rise to a great tradition of craftsmanship.

Already in the municipal age Todi was one of the main centers of wood production. The furniture is still made with production techniques that are inspired by the great culture of the sixteenth century. These techniques allow the conservation and restoration of works of great value.

In the heart of the Borgo district you can still meet those who work the wood according to the Tuderte cabinet-maker tradition: we are in Via della Maleretta, a little alley that you can reach down via Santa Prassede.


A consolidated union that has its roots in the very past of the region and Todi in particular, in the art of weaving that characterizes for centuries the local handicraft production. The textile vocation is strong in this area, from knitwear to embroidery to fine products such as Cashmere.

Cashmere is a production district of hundreds of specialized companies. This production has earned this area the nickname of "Cashmere Valley": here tourists arrive for the natural beauty of the territory, for the authenticity of the historic villages, for the gastronomy, but also for shopping clothes in Cashmere.


Taste and tradition meet in Todi to rediscover the genuine flavor of handmade chocolate prepared by expert hands according to traditions handed down from father to son.

In Todi sweet and greedy rhyme with Alberto Farinelli, an illustrious exponent of the world of chocolate. "The path to becoming a master in the art of chocolate requires a lot of commitment and constancy" says Farinelli. "Among the basic attitudes required are patience, precision, creativity and love for beautiful things".

Todi is also known for chocolate experimentation, which allows you to create sublime combinations.

Ceramics and porcelain

In Todi art and science cohabit and coexist. To understand it you just need to enter Atelier Duo, the studio of Rita Miranda located in the historic center of Todi, which offers a space open to ceramic courses. Here Rita organizes workshops for people of all ages, for small groups or individuals, diversified for schedules, duration and topics. The meetings are aimed at understanding the processing techniques and firing processes, to the knowledge of clay and the realization of small objects and sculptures. Participants will be invited to develop their own creative ideas and will be followed in all phases of the realization of their own artifacts.