Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you don't know if chocolates, dinner or a nice card are better.
No, too banal! Think of a solution and you turn on a light bulb: a trip, here is the perfect gift, after all you are working a lot and you need a break to recharge your batteries.
Choose Umbria, the homeland of the patron saint of lovers, a destination not too far away for a romantic and relaxing weekend. And Todi could be right for you: small, livable and central.

In all secrecy you begin to plan an interesting itinerary.
You remember a photo by Steve McCurry that you saw some time ago in a magazine: "Palazzo Vescovile" was the caption. You type in those key words and it shows itself to you in all its beauty... a vaulted gate that seems to beckon you to enter, frescoed interiors, porticoes and halls rich in history and art.
You want to focus on the view and there are several lookout points that offer magnificent views. You tell yourself that the Oberdan Gardens can't be missed, maybe after an elevator ride up Porta Orvietana since you've never taken the funicular and a scenic trip, albeit a short one, would appeal to you.
The Eagle's Nest complex, perched above the valley, is also worth your visit. You've even thought of a plan B if it does come to rain, a trip to the town cinema which is right nearby.
You try of red on the digital map the belvedere of Garibaldi Plaza that will return you the sweet panorama of the Umbrian country. The photos look like a painting and you can't wait to climb the
San Fortunato Bell Tower to admire the city from its highest point.

Your line goes along viuzza San Lorenzo to reach piazzetta del Montarone, the place where the witch Matteuccia was burned at the stake. From here, if the weather will allow, looking out over the brick houses, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a magical sunset.
What could be more romantic than a dinner to enjoy typical dishes and good wine?
Have you read that a few steps from Todi among the hills there is a family run farmhouse that offers a unique experience: a candlelight tasting with products at km 0 directly on a terrace among the walnut trees.
You have always dreamed of a little house in the trees and the idea of spending a pleasant evening there under the stars excites you at the thought.
The next day, before returning to the base you still have a place you want to visit: The Lovers' Balcony located at the Marmore Falls. An evocative encounter between nature and legend that will give you a poetic visit. Thanks to a sheltered cove which is accessed in about twenty minutes you will be in the heart of the waterfall, so much so that you can touch it.
The spectacle of the roaring waters accompanies the eternal love between the nymph Black and the shepherd Velino, separated by the wrath of Juno who transformed the girl into a river.
A sudden noise distracts you from your plans. Hurriedly you lock your phone and place it on the nightstand.
You give a small smile, your journey has already begun.