The first warmth and the trees becoming covered with flower buds. What better way to enjoy the flower season than in the heart of Umbria's green heart?

As soon as the alarm is turned off, the sun is already high in the sky. An unusual cheerfulness comes over you as you prepare for one of your usual home days that have been ordinary for a while. You open the kitchen window: in front of your eyes the Umbrian countryside opens up brightly with its variegated colours that slowly regain their bright tone. You take a breath and feel the sad feeling that today only few people can enjoy this view, but there will be time for that.
You become the Cicero and, as if you were leading curious tourists, you start showing them the beauty of Todi in spring.

You consider the spring season as the best time to visit the city because it allows you to enjoy the lush and varied nature that surrounds it. Moreover, the temperate climate will make your stay memorable.
What has always fascinated you about Todi's historic centre is that it is so well gathered that it can be visited within a few steps. Very little is needed to make it the most liveable city in the world.

You' d immediately recommend a rest in Piazza del Popolo. A quick coffee to enjoy this beautiful medieval square surrounded by the beauty of some of the most famous historical buildings, such as Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo dei Priori and Palazzo del Capitano.
You can't miss going up to the top of the bell tower of the Church of San Fortunato, which will offer a view of the Umbrian hills from above: an evocative panorama that in spring is full of perfumes.

These are perfect days to be outdoors, and for this reason you can surely suggest a visit to the Beverly Pepper theme park, which combines architecture, nature and the history of the city in a single itinerary.
There is plenty of greenery in Todi, and it can be an excellent alternative to enjoy a meal or a relaxing break, perhaps setting up a picnic in the park of the Rocca, taking advantage of some typical local delicacies such as torta al testo or, if it is Easter time, torta al formaggio accompanied by various kinds of charcuterie and a glass of excellent wine.

Back in town, you would take tourists to visit the Duomo, the Cathedral of the Santissima Annunziata, one of the symbols that identify Todi thanks to its striking decorations and interior paintings.

You would suggest them to enjoy the final sunshine sitting on the marble steps of the church and offer them a taste of Ciaramicola, the Easter cake flavoured with Alchermes, which makes the dough pinkish in colour.
One last tasty snack before saying goodbye and meeting up for the next adventure.

Today it is only through a window that you have travelled, tomorrow you will be ready to pack your bags and leave.